Markham City Council hears our deputation

Please join us in the Canada Room, Markham Civic Centre, at 9 am on Monday, November 5th. We will be asking City Council to act by passing a motion to encourage the Provincial Government to reduce and cap at a fair rate the parking fees at Ontario hospitals.

You are most welcome to attend and listen. We welcome you, whatever your position.

The presentation will be posted here on November 5th.

One Comment on “Markham City Council hears our deputation”

  1. aldous young says:

    unfortunately I will be unable to attend the meeting,however I support the need to reduce cost of parking fees at hospitals. The high cost is a barrier to health care, a safety issue(when patients search for alternative parking and then have to walk and cross busy roads when they are often ill or coping with the after effects of treatment)
    I am advised by a senior hospital administrator that THE PROFIT they get from parking goes towards capital expenditures such as new equipment. If I wanted to DONATE to a hospital it should be voluntary (and be able to claim a tax deduction)not as a imposd fee(tax) as part of the parking fee. I have no problem with user pay to recover operating costs. I do however feel that there should be more transparency and the costs and revenues from parking fees be made public
    When now asked to donate to my local hospital I respond that I have already donated by way of
    the parking fees I have paid over the last year

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