Our Message to Dr. Hoskins, Minister of Health

Jan. 15 2015 The Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins Minister of Health and Long Term Care 10th Floor, Hepburn Block 80 Grosvenor Street Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C4
Dear Minister, Re: Parking Fees at Ontario Hospitals We first wrote to the Minister of Health on July 25, 2011 regarding this problem.
We are encouraged by the commitment of our Premier and you to remove these barriers to care.
We believe those people living in poverty, the aged, those on fixed incomes need and deserve universal access to medical care. All Ontarians expect fair and universal access to health care as a matter of national pride and identity.
We are aware of our Province’s indebtedness, but it is immoral to achieve budget balancing on the backs of those suffering health crises.
We believe this can be resolved in a much more compassionate, Canadian way.

We would be pleased to assist you. It is our prayer that your government will receive the wisdom and courage to legislate the necessary changes.
With respect,
Elizabeth Plashkes Dan Horchik John Hazlewood Alan Powell

One Comment on “Our Message to Dr. Hoskins, Minister of Health”

  1. Donna McGraw says:

    With the cut back in STAFF in all Hospital and Medical Facilities, it is most important that Family and Friends are able to be THERE for the Patient.
    We know that from the PAST that Patients do better when they have contact with their FRIENDS and LOVED ONES, Healing and Mental processes improve when they know they are CARED FOR.
    Having these parking fees so high many family members and friends cannot visit their loved ones.
    Having Family Members come to visit shortens the time Patients have to stay in the Hospital therefore OPENING a BED for someone who needs treatment.
    Donna McGraw

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